Andhra Pradesh Social Watch


Andhra Pradesh Social Watch (APSW) is a conglomerate of NGOs, CBOs, academics and other individuals committed to the cause of building a more humane society where the rights and entitlements of the every citizen’s especially those of marginalized are protected and promoted. The focus areas of APSW are Panchayati Raj, minorities, tribal right, education, forestry, alternative agriculture and natural resource management, human rights, women rights and gender mainstreaming.

APSW is particularly committed to monitoring the performance of the institutions of governance and ensuring the convergence of stated policies in order to ensure effective implementation of the programmes and schemes.

APSW released its report, “Andhra Pradesh Citizen’s Report in 2007 –“Access, Retention and Development of Land – a Dalit perspective”.  The report attempts to focus primarily on dalit and tribal concerns and takes a critical view of the policies of state. It brings out the dynamics that tends to militate against realization by dalits and tribals.

Contact Address:
Mr. Ramachandradu
Andhra Pradesh Social Watch, WASAN
Mobile: 09440621860, 09490755366
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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