Gujarat Social Watch


Gujarat Social Watch is a member of the National Social Watch, working for strengthening the governance process in Gujarat. A vibrant group of civil society members came on a platform for knowledge building, sharing and advocacy for the better governance. Its focus areas in the state are social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized, democratic governance, participation with full empowerment and gain, equal access to and control over services, resources and institutions, environment etc.

All initiatives are executed in a framework of collaboration and partnership to empower people for demanding their entitlements and enable the service providers including the government to deliver in a transparent and accountable manner.

Gujarat Social watch released, “Citizens’ Report on Governance on Development” in Ahmadabad on June 9th, 2011. The report was released by Shre. Shaktisingh Gohil, Leader of opposition, Gujarat. The release was covered extensively by print and electronic media. Doordarshn and ETV were the prominent among electronic media which covered the release. The released was also extensively covered in local print media.

Contact Address:
Mr. Mahesh Pandyan,
Gujarat Social Watch,
502, Raj Avenue, Bhai Kaka Nagar,
Thaltej Cross Road,
Ahmadabad - 380054
Phone: 079-2685180, 26851321
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Gujarat Social Watch Report:

  1. Analysis Report On Working of Gujarat Assembly – 10 th session (23.02.2012 to 30.03.2012)
  2. VidhanTantra - Aam Aadmi Ni Najre
  3. Working of Gujarat Assembly: An Analysis 2011


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