Press release of the Chhattisgarh Social Watch Report 2011

Press Note:

Better Heath is the Constitutional Rights of every individual and it is the prime responsibility of Centre and State to ensue the better health of their citizens. It not only the government but it is also the responsibility of every citizen to have a close watch on its implementation.

To ensure the better implementation of health in the state  Chhattisgarh social watch which is coalition of many volunteer organization includes- CART, SAMRTHAN, CASA, CARE, CHETNA CHILD has raise to issue. Chhattisgarh Social watch has released its second “Citizens and Governance Report- 2011” on 27th of August 2012.

On this Occasion DR. Yogesh Kumar highlighted the achievements and issues of National, International Social watch and Millennium Development goal. He also emphasized on the more contribution from Nagar Samaj. Gautama Bandhopadhyay, a social activist highlighted the role and function of Non-Government Organization on health watch. Vishal Nayak highlighted the main points of Citizens and governance Report-2011. In this report he pointed that the sorry figure of state health index is due to the lack of health governance and management. He further stressed that the non availability of basic health facilities to the poor Tribes are only due to half hearted work done by the government and lack of infrastructure and man power. On the other hand Jivan Deep Samiti , Gram Swathaya and Sawathaya Samiti are created to ensure the quality of health care and effective participation of citizens in implementing the health care all these are not functioning at ground level.

On the occasion of release of this report DR. Dalla, Ex-Secretary Red Cross Society stressed on the issue of human values and the effort being not done by government in reducing the Sickle Cell anemia patients. He further pointed out that half of the sickle cell anemia patients are found in Middle India, in which Chhattisgarh tops the list. Chhattisgarh Social watch played an important role in monitoring this disease.  Arun Kumar Sukla, A trade Union activist shared his experience and pointed out how a common man/ Patients trust are breaching by the doctors day to day and how the whole system of health is being deteriorated by its functionaries due their negligence and earning more and more money.  Dr. Dinesh Marotia,a  Environmental Economist has suggested to abolish the PPP Model.

On the other hand DR. Biplava Bandhopadhyay shared by pointing out the relevance of Aamir Khan’s Satya Mewa Jayate Serial and pointed that due to implementing the PPP model the government want to get rid of their own responsibilities and furher stressed the more citizens participation in Jivan Deep Samiti. DR. Rama kant Srivastava , Secretary Progressive Writers Association emphasized on to convert this effort into mass movement. On the same way other participants also shared their views. Some pointed out the issue of Balod eye case, Dairia and dengue related issues.

Sushil Trivedi ,Ex- Election Commissioner stressed on to again draft the report by covering all the issues being pointed by the experts to ensure the better health care facilities to tribal dominated areas.

Gautama Bandhopadyay

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