Existing notion of development has failed to provide Justice- Dr. Yogesh Kumar

BANGALORE – “The notion of evaluating social development on the basis of economical growth should change, as the studies from different aspects reveal the growing disparities in the societies across the globe.” said Dr.Yogesh Kumar.

He was delivering the talk on the pretext of recently released Social Watch Report-2012-Sustainable Development: The right to a future; a report from Citizens' Organizations in 66 Countries, organized by Karnataka Social Watch.

“The myth that economical growth is a synonym of Social development was penetrated among the mass after neo-liberalization policies were adapted by the Government. Existing notion of development has failed to provide Justice” he added.

With the objective of promoting accountability among Government and to ensure the compliance of the international commitments on social policies and developmental goals, Social Watch India has been bringing-out a comprehensive study report since 1995.

Dr.Yogesh Kumar, Executive Director of Samarthan and National Convener of Social Watch India, further said, “Justice is not done to the people, as Basic Capability Index is up mere by 7 points during the period of 1990-2010, whereas economical growth is very much faster. Standard Inequality Index from the period of 1980-2010 of developed countries like USA, UK and OECD countries have gone up considerably, according to Gini Coefficient Studies.”

 “Governance of global economy needs to be consistent with Human Rights’ as well.G-7 and G-20 countries should behave responsibly and should allow poor countries to use their resources in order to secure the ‘Right to Future’” he added.

Emphasizing on implementation of commitments made in Rio Summit and UN Summit 2012, Dr. Yogesh also stressed  for the change in conditionality of international trade and for no more fresh commitments unless existing are fulfilled. 



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