"Administrative Reforms for Better Governance" By N.C. Saxena


Administrative Reforms for Better Governance

N.C. Saxena

2012 l xviii+99pp. l 978-93-81144-26-8 (Pb)  ₹ 125

Public administration, especially the top bureaucracy, plays a crucial role in making up of the welfare state. Its role cannot be overemphasized in the good governance. The pamphlet points out that it is not due to lack of resources, but due to the poor governance and administration, the country is still plagued by the poverty, starvation, malnutrition, diseases, unhygienic and wretched living conditions, etc. It is due to the inability of the administration to deliver the quality services and good governance, the politicians are forced to adopt the shortcut to remain in the power and become powerful. This pamphlet has an excellent analysis of the wide ranging issues such as the bureaucracy, administration, governance, politics, civil society, etc. and has brilliant insights for the administrative reforms for good governance.


N.C. Saxena’s brilliance and contributions in Indian development and governance do not need any introduction. With Ph.D. from the Oxford University, brilliant career in the India Administrative Service (IAS), which includes as the Director of the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie and as Secretary, Planning Commission; and rich experience in a host of national and international organizations, including U.N. organizations and NGOs, he has highest scholarship and wide range of exposure. Dr. Saxena represents the finest traditions of the scholar-administrator. His voice as a public intellectual of exceptional integrity and social conscience is heard with great respect. He nurtures a deep commitment to social and economic equity, and environmental sustainability. He was appointed by the Supreme Court as the National Commissioner on Food Security. His report on the Vedanta Bauxite environmental clearance is well known. Presently he is a member of the UPA's National Advisory Council (NAC), and also involved in many other organizations in different capacities. Recently, he has prepared a very interesting and useful research report on Singapore Bureaucracy. He is the most sought after scholar by many including the media.


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