Karnataka Social Watch: Report Release cum Workshop

Karnataka Social Watch organized a workshop cum release on  the Citizens' Report 2013 at Bangalore.  Dr. Santosh Kumar attended the programme on behalf of Naitonal Social Watch .Jagadananad inaugrated the session and mentioned about the emergence of social watch and some important points on the process from National to the State partners.

 In the workshop Gururaj has presented a rough draft on forthcoming Karnataka Social Watch report, he mentioned all the four pillar institutions i.e. State Assembly, Judiciary, Executive and the Local Government. After his presentation the different state partners made their opinion and point, at the end of meeting Vasudeva said that they will prepare a structure a state social watch report and again like to meet in few days on the structure.

Karnataka Social Watch  released the Citizens report 2013 and Dr. Santosh presented the findings of the citizens report 2013.  Finally, the workshop cum report release end with the press conference.




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  • NSW monitors the health of Indian Parliament by examining and establishing some worrying trends in the way in which the Parliament functions and conducts its business. Read more
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  • Executive
  • NSW analyses the structural challenges in the Executive such as the conflict of interest between the Parliament and the Executive and within the Executive and related issues. Read more