National Social Watch Bulletin Feb. 2014

Two years and a half after the Global Assembly in Manila, the Social Watch meeting in Montevideo on14 February 2014 brought together members and alternates of the Coordinating Committee, delegates from National Social Watch coalitions and resource persons in order to take decisions to guide the network into the future years. Jagadananda Ji represented the National Social Watch during the meeting.

  • Parliament
  • NSW monitors the health of Indian Parliament by examining and establishing some worrying trends in the way in which the Parliament functions and conducts its business. Read more
  • Judiciary
  • NSW study the specific cases to understand the mind of the Judiciary. Under this section NSW analyzes issues and proposals on judicial accountability and reforms. Read more
  • Executive
  • NSW analyses the structural challenges in the Executive such as the conflict of interest between the Parliament and the Executive and within the Executive and related issues. Read more