Withering the Welfare State 2001

While official figures give credence to the claim that “economic growth necessarily leads to poverty reduction”, a careful look at them tells a different story about the impact of structural adjustment and liberalisation. After a decade of liberalisation, the promise of ‘economic growth with justice’ seems eternally postponed. 'John Samuel' and 'Ghana Prakasam'




  • Parliament
  • NSW monitors the health of Indian Parliament by examining and establishing some worrying trends in the way in which the Parliament functions and conducts its business. Read more
  • Judiciary
  • NSW study the specific cases to understand the mind of the Judiciary. Under this section NSW analyzes issues and proposals on judicial accountability and reforms. Read more
  • Executive
  • NSW analyses the structural challenges in the Executive such as the conflict of interest between the Parliament and the Executive and within the Executive and related issues. Read more